Local businesses support public employees


Middletown business owner Tony Thompson's says his reliable customer base is the bread and butter of his barber shop.
"I have a lot of teachers that come in, I have a lot of union workers from AK," Thompson said.
Thompson says the business he gets from public employees pumps money into his shop, and if their wages are cut, a hair cut is the last thing on their minds.
"With people's salaries and stuff being cut, it's going to hurt our bottom line, people are going to go longer in between hair cuts, some people might starT cutting their own hair, and it really taps into our business," Thompson said.
That's why businesses across Butler County and the state have formed the group Proud Ohio Workers, a partnership between  local businesses to support public employees that was formed in response to Senate Bill 5.
"Public workers do support the private sector, grocery stores, barber shops -- once that income becomes diminished due to Senate Bill 5, there's a  potential that those small businesses may have to close their doors," Thompson said.
Middletown City Council member A.J Smith say if Senate Bill  5 were to pass, Butler county businesses would take a significant hit with an estimated 26,000 public employees in the county.
"They provide $1.1 million in cumulative earnings per year, now imagine what that would be once these salaries are cut.
 "Eventually we won't be able to pay our bills, and we'd have to look for other employment ourselves," Thompson said.
Proud Ohio Workers was formed in February, the grass-roots organization already has 150 business that have joined state-wide.
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