Fourth-grader correctly picks Final Four

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - This year's NCAA basketball tournament has had upset after upset. Who would have thought VCU and Butler would be two of the last four teams still standing? Well, one fourth-grader in South Carolina did.

When teams like Butler and VCU moved on to the sweet 16 last week, most of us said 'that's a nice little story, but the higher seeds will win.' Not the case for 10-year-old Patrick Lindsey.

As VCU began to celebrate a huge upset win over number one Kansas on Sunday, earning them a trip to the Final Four, basketball fans around the country began to scratch their heads. Lindsey saw it coming the whole time. "I think they can shoot inside and outside," said Lindsey. "They can pass the ball real good."

A fourth-grader in Ms. Cantey's class at Camden Elementary, Lindsey and his class started a merging basketball and poetry at the beginning of the month. "We started March Madness poetry because March is poetry month," said Cantey. "I feel if I can get basketball involved I would get more motivation in my students, which taught me a lot about basketball as well."

The project was so popular, Ms. Cantey decided to use basketball to teach other subjects like geography. Each week, the students would pick the winners of each game and post them in the classroom. "We would ask Patrick, 'who do you think will win this weekend?'" said Cantey.

His answer was Butler, VCU, UConn and Kentucky. "Some people that watched the teams thought I was okay, but some people were like, 'are you sure about that?'" said Lindsey. "A lot of people in our neighborhood thought, 'who is VCU? That team is definitely not going to win.'"

But they did. In fact, all of Patrick's picks were right on. He predicted upsets all weekend, including Kentucky beating Ohio State and Butler beating the Gators. "I was shocked," said Cantey. "I don't think anyone has gotten the Final Four correct except for him. Patrick is a pretty shy child. He doesn't speak out a lot in class, but this is something he knows a lot about. It's really brought him out of his shell in the classroom"

It has also given him bragging rights over pretty much everyone. "I felt excited because everybody said 'you are crazy,' but I think the underdog wins a lot," he said.

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