When Ed Kentrup goes for a walk near his home in Price Hill - this is what he sees along Saffin road:  discarded couches, TV sets, and piles of construction waste.

Fed up with this eye-sore Ed called the city. "It's a health hazard," he said. "Standing water. Just a mess of trash." Ed says more than two months went by - and not a word from the city. "Not a phone call. Not an email. Nothing," he said.

So the Cincinnati school teacher called FOX19. "I've seen some of your other stories and thought a little pressure from the media might get it done," said Kentrup.

First, I dropped by the site and called the city's public relations office. Yeah - there's actually a sign that says no dumping by order of city manager, and within two days the dump was cleaned.

"Are you surprised it got done that quickly," asked Sussi "Quite surprised," said Kentrup. "I don't know what your touch is - but it's kind of magic."

"We have so many of them. We just got backed up," said Mike Kelley. Kelley is a supervisor with the city's street cleaning unit. "If it seems like we're slow - you need to know how many people dump - how much they dump - and how many locations - then would see the problem," he said. Mike Kelley's unit is busy. That's true. But how much time does it take to address a tax payer's concern with a simple phone call or email?. "It was quite frustrating," said Kentrup.

Dumping at unauthorized places is illegal, and if caught, you could face stiff fines.

If you have complaints about dumping you can call the city's public services department at (513) 591-6000.