Previewing what's coming to The Banks

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Right across the street Great American Ball Park, another team is getting ready to score big time. The Holy Grail is fully open and a whole slew of other brand new businesses are busy getting ready to open their doors as well.

"6 a.m. til sometime," laughed one of The Holy Grail's co-owners, Jim Moehring, getting specific in a unspecific way, about the hours they'll be open Thursday.

Opening Day was their original target date, but they were able to pinch hit and get it open for Saint Patrick's Day.

"We're good to go," he said giving a big thumbs up for Thursday. Moehring said their first priority is service and cold beer.

"You can't have enough cold beer and that's what we're doing right now," he said. "We've got refrigerated trucks outside. I think we've got somewhere around 1500 cases of beer in here."

There are plenty of cold ones, for what's expected to be a fantastic, albeit chilly, day.

And much like Saint Patrick's Day.

"It was absolutely crazy all day, all night," said bartender Brittany Underhill. "Behind the bar's good for me."

Underhill said the staff is ready for another blast, especially when it comes to delivering drinks.

"I don't know how they managed, but we didn't have any spilled trays all day," she laughed.

Unlike Saint Patrick's Day, electrical wires that were dangling from the outside walls, now have new signs attached.

And bright new, red awnings are in-place for dining al-fresco.

Just above those awnings, we got a glimpse of one of the many apartments nearly ready for rent.

Dozens of folks got a tour of a model unit down the hall, from the corner unit we could see the front of Great American Ball Park.

The corridor, Freedom Way, is where most of the retail shops and new restaurants will be located.

Most retailers will open by the Fall.

"Huey's Diner, which is a 24-hour diner, La Crepe Nanou which is a French Bistro-type concept and The Wine Loft, which is a wine bar, those will all be opening late Summer, early Fall," said Laura Griffin with the Carter & Dawson Companies. "Obviously there's been a lot of hype around Toby Keith and Johnny Rockets will also be coming around the same time."

Jennifer Green was among those touring the new apartments.

"They're very nice," Green said."I'm trying to listen to what the rent was."

The particular unit we viewed was a 2-bedroom, with lots of amenities, plus a huge walk-in closet, that in New York City, might qualify as a lot more.

"I think this closet would be the spare bedroom or the bedroom,"Green giggled. "Quite a nice size!"

That two-bedroom apartment rents for about $1,375 a month.

They were nice sized and right now, we're told, more than 50-percent of the units are rented.

The first tenants move-in by the middle to end of April.

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