Commission to beautify Wyoming to build rain garden

Rain Garden Diagram
Rain Garden Diagram

WYOMING, OH (FOX 19) - The Beautify Wyoming Commission will be hosting an event coming up in April to show off a brand new rain garden.

The Commission says they have been working for over a year along with two other commissions, the City of Wyoming, Wyoming City Schools, and the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District to build a rain garden within the city. A rain garden is known to be an environmentally friendly way of managing thousands of gallons of stormwater run-off without it entering the sanitary sewer system.

A rain garden is a planted, shallow, basin designed to capture and treat storm water before it enters the storm water system. Rain gardens capture runoff from impervious areas such as roofs, parking lots, and driveways and allow it to seep slowly into the ground. They can also help preserve nearby streams and lakes by reducing the amount of runoff and filtering pollutants.

The rain garden will be dedicated at the City of Wyoming's Earth Day Celebration on April 16th at 11:30am at Wyoming High School on Pendery Avenue.

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