Reds parade crashers & The Pete Wagner Band plays GABP

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 has the cell phone video of a father and son who just got caught-up in all the Opening Day fun and crashed the parade.

Plus we caught up with musical great, Paul Wagner, whose band has been a fixture at Reds home openers for decades.

"First time ever to Opening Day," said Brian Bennett.

Bennett and son Elijah are no longer strangers to the Big Red Machine.

"We were at the Fountain Square area, and we just kept watching people walk by and my son looked at me and said you know, we ought to just jump in and see if we would be able to walk in it," Bennett said.

So, as we showed in their cell phone video, shot by a friend, they became fully immersed in the fun.

"It was pretty exciting," his son Elijah said. "No one really noticed until one of the owners kinda talked to us and said it was alright."

They practiced their "parade waves" beforehand.

"It was a little of this, little bit of that, both sides of the street, working that crowd, yes we did, mixed it up," they laughed.

And once they got to Great American Ball Park, they got an ear full of the Pete Wagner Band, playing, "When The Reds Go Marching In."

"Hi Dad! We're still here!" son Paul Wagner yelled jokingly to the sky.

Paul carries the trumpeting torch of his deceased father Pete, who started this long-standing musical tradition with the Reds.

"My God, now you're talking a long time ago," Wagner said. "Because he started in the 60's at Crosley Field."

Paul has been playing steadily since the 80's, starting with his Dad.

"Mom wouldn't let him fire me that's good!" he laughed

"They were the last band to play at Crosley," he said. "First band to play at Riverfront and of course, we were the first ones to play here at Great American Ball Park and very happy for it."

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