Local woman shipping 10,000 bottles of water to Japan

Source: drinkworldlife.com
Source: drinkworldlife.com

A local business woman is shipping 10,000 bottles of water to Japan to assist the victims of the tsunami and earthquake.

Kris Kalnow founded WorldLife Water in 2009.

"WorldLife water comes in a truly biodegradable bottle, helping to reduce pollution in both land and ocean environments," said Kalnow.

When Kalnow learned of the magnitude of the Tsunami in Japan, and that the victims needed food and water, she once again decided to jump in and help, just as she had in 2010 after the Haitian earthquake.

"Pure, uncontaminated water is the substance that can keep these people alive," said Kalnow. "We all need to join forces, and I am shipping every ounce of water that is currently in my warehouse to Japan. I truly hope that my 10,000 bottles can make some sort of difference."

WorldLife Water is currently being sold at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, with expansion plans in the works. For more information on WorldLife, please visit www.drinkworldlife.com.

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