Coroner's report: Driver in double fatal crash was purposefully on wrong side of road

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The Clermont County coroner has released its report on a double fatal crash that occurred in November, saying the woman who caused the crash was driving on the wrong side of the road on purpose, but the reason remains unknown.

Julie Bellison-Anuszkiewicz, 25, was driving eastbound on the westbound side on Interstate 275 on Nov. 13 when she struck a mini-van driven by Lori Morris, 41, head on. Both women died in the crash.

Toxicology reports on both women were negative.

Clermont County coroner Dr. Brian Treon says the incident occurred in the daylight with clear weather, and Anuszkiewicz did not slow down, and tire marks indicated that the cross over was a straight diagonal line from the eastbound to the westbound side.

Witnesses report Anuszkiewicz's car was in control and accelerated once in the westbound lane. She was described as being "conscious," "focused" and "on a mission." She didn't swerve and there was no evidence the brakes were applied before the impact.

"From these facts, there is only one clear conclusion," the report states. "Ms. Anuszkiewicz purposefully drove her car the wrong way on the interstate."

The report says the reason she was driving the wrong way is unclear. She may have been contemplating suicide, but there was no reports that she was depressed at the time of the crash, and didn't leave a note. Manner of death by suicide is not conclusive.

"Further, this method of suicide seems impractical and unexpectedly malicious," the report states.

"While driving the wrong way on the interstate is unthinkable to any clear minded individual, Ms. Anuszkiewicz may have been driving with a distorted sense of reality," the report continues. "In her mind, there may have been a logical rational to her actions. Perhaps she perceived a threat and was fleeing from an unseen assailant. Conceivably, she thought there was an unidentified obstacle in her lane ahead that she was trying to avoid. With these thoughts, Ms. Anuszkiewicz's actions remain indefensible, but they become understandable."

Treon ruled the crash and the manner of death as undetermined.

"The thought process that motivated the intentional act cannot be determined with certainty," he said. "Ms. Anuszkiewicz's ultimate goal can only be inferred."

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