Local students raise thousands to aid relief efforts in Japan

St. Ursula Academy students are ready to donate nearly $6,100 to assist with crisis relief in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in early March. The school hosted four school mission collections over two weeks to help raise money for the cause.

St. Ursula's Community Service Office and the In-School Service Events (ISSE) Club coordinated the mission collections. Due to the urgent need and the nature of the disaster, the school homerooms held two mission collections each week for two weeks. These mission collections were held in class homerooms on Tues. March 22, Weds. March 23, March 29, and March 30th. The majority of the $6059.87 donated or $4,437 will be sent to Japan through Catholic Relief Services. $1,623 of the money collected will be sent to the St. Ursula School in Hachinohe, Japan, just 200 miles from the quake epicenter. Many of our sister school's families were affected by the widespread damage.

St. Ursula Academy hosts community service activities and weekly mission collections all year long to support those who are marginalized in our society, whether they are local, national and international. The focus right now is on helping those in Japan.

"Community service and supporting people in need is part of the culture at St. Ursula Academy," said Rachel Kemper '91, SUA Director of Community Service. "We are happy we have channels already in place to collect these funds so we can send help to the areas in need very quickly."

The community service programming at St. Ursula is designed to create a culture in which service is an expectation and part of the learning process. "St. Ursula hopes involvement in these important programs will instill in our young women a lifelong passion for helping those in need," said Judy O'Donnell, SUA Principal.

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