City workers in Norwood work for free until a new budget is passed

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - The battle over the budget in Norwood left city workers wondering on Friday if they were going to get paid.

The city's operating budget expired at midnight on Thursday after council failed to pass a new budget. However, that did not keep workers from showing up.

Firefighters were in and they were trained and stationed, ready to respond when they are needed.

The local firefighters union says they've been working with the city council to try and extend their contacts in to the next two years, but with budget shortfalls council members have yet to sign off on an agreement.

Norwood's auditor says workers will get paid for today if the city council is able to pass a budget by the fifteenth of this month.

For now though, those city workers are putting in hours for free, showing up to serve the people.

"I know there's been times that it came down to the wire but it always seemed to pan out," said Ron Wallace, Norwood firefighter, "But then this time, it didn't pan out."

Many city workers are disappointed that a new budget has not been passed.

"I think the mood's one of kind of disappointment maybe without city representatives," said Bobby Schlachter, President Firefighters' Union, "Everybody's still staying upbeat, still doing their jobs, still serving the city, so they're still going to do what they need to do here."

The next planned meeting for the Norwood City Council is on April 12.

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