State Rep Alicia Reece weighs in on SB5

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email|Facebook

FOX19 sat down with Democratic State Representative Alicia Reece to ask her three tough questions about Senate Bill 5.

Reece, as you may remember, was the Vice Mayor of Cincinnati from 1999-2005.

She said she was on-board when Council had to make some of the toughest decisions the city has ever seen.

Reece said Senate Bill 5 takes the blame off State leaders and makes our local people the bad guys, when it comes to handing out pink slips.

"All these cuts, coupled with SB5, will result in massive layoffs, when? very soon," Reece said.

Reece, who represents the "fighting 33rd District", warned dire days are ahead.

"I'm against SB5," she said. "And quite frankly, it was great to see citizens come to the people's house, because they always say it's the people's house, and now the people show-up and there were some that were nervous when the people showed-up at the people's house."

That's because SB5 hits home, right down to the dinner table, which led us to question number one.

"Those in favor of Senate Bill 5 say, this pays for performance but does keeping all collective bargaining rights protect substandard employees?," we said.

"The answer is no," Reece said. "It does not protect substandard employees. What it does do though, is that it's not a day where you can come in and give a person a pink slip and they say, well what did I do wrong and they say you didn't do anything wrong, but why are you firing me? Because I can and that's what it eliminates."

Question number two: "Some say unions are partially to blame for our budget deficit? How do you respond to that?," we asked.

"Unions are not to blame for the deficit," Reece said. "They didn't get us into a recession. With SB5, what really is happening, is that the State now is not making the hard decisions, so the local people become the bad guys giving out everybody pink slips and laying off police officers, firefighters, teachers on the local level, so I just say, don't fall for the banana in the tailpipe."

Question number three: "Isn't this a better solution than laying people off?," we asked.

"This SB5, coupled with this budget that the Governor has put forward, will result in massive pink slips across this state," Reece said. "So on one hand you've got SB5 and they're saying leave it up to local governments. On the other hand you're cutting, you're gutting out the funds to local governments."

Reece said she was heartened by all the different walks of life she saw converging on the House against SB5 and hopes that more people step-up to the plate in the coming months, as it goes to a potential referendum on the Fall ballot.

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