UC launches anti-violence campaign

A week-long effort to halt campus violence will mark the beginning of spring quarter at the University of Cincinnati.

From April 4-8, the UC community will join together as part of a nationwide campaign to ensure peace and security throughout America's schools.



The "Enough is Enough" campaign is coordinated across the country by NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

The campaign grew out of a call to action by Zenobia Lawrence Hikes, vice president of student affairs at Virginia Tech, whose analysis of the 2007 tragedy at that university inspired NASPA to chart a "new paradigm for safety and security on the nation's campuses."

"The kind of violence that results in campus tragedies begins – and therefore must be addressed – long before it reaches our schools and campuses," said Daniel S. Cummins, chair of UC's participation in "Enough is Enough."

At the University of Cincinnati, events each day will explore different aspects of violence prevention, safety and security.

  • On Monday, April 4, in a noon ceremony at Tangeman University Center, campus leaders including charged the university community to reflect on the roots of violence and to take action to prevent it. The cost of campus violence was presented through a display in the Tangeman University Center lobby. Everyone in the UC community was be asked to sign a pledge to show solidarity to end violence in society and on campus. Each person who signs received a wristband to demonstrate their commitment.
  • Tuesday, April 5, will be a day of reflection as Dean Valerie Hardcastle describes her experiences during the Virginia Tech shootings. Her presentation at noon in the MainStreet Cinema will be followed by a question and answer session with the dean and UC Police Chief Gene Ferrara.
  • A call to action will highlight Wednesday's agenda on April 6 with a clinic on civility and mediation presented by the University Ombuds at noon in MainStreet Cinema. UC's residence halls will explore cyber bullying and the risks of online social networks with a 9:00 p.m. program in Daniels Hall.
  • Thursday, April 7, will focus on violence prevention, as nationally known self-defense expert Debbie Gardner offers a seminar at noon in the MainStreet Cinema.
  • The week will end Friday, April 8, with a Picnic for Peace on McMicken Commons from noon to 2 p.m., sponsored by Student Government.

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