Woman joins thousands to apply for a housing voucher

As of Monday evening, the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority says 8,600 people had applied for the housing voucher waiting list.

One Cincinnati woman is hoping her number will be called as the housing authority opens the list for the first time since 2007.

"I used to go out and eat because I hate cooking and I used to be able to afford the things I really, really needed," Cynthia Arnold said.

Arnold lost her job in customer service back in December.

"It's like I have to save to get what I need, I really have to save," she said.

Like a lot of people, Arnold heard the news that the waiting list was opening back up for housing vouchers.

"If you don't hear it one word of mouth or on the street, or through people or your peers you won't know," Arnold shared.

Early Monday Arnold made sure to hop on a bus and get to a computer.

"When I heard they were open today I was trying to be one of the first ones to get an application," she said.

Since the application is only available online, Arnold was not sure she could fill it out on her own.

"In a way, in a way not. I did have to get a little help," she admitted.

A little help is just what she is hoping to get from the voucher program.

"You've gotta eat, you've gotta survive," she said. "The little income I get a month mostly goes to my rent."

She knows, however, that she is only one of thousands clicking away in search of assistance.

"They better jump on it right away," Arnold emphasized. "They tell you on the piece of paper: April the 4th to April the 8th"

Even if Arnold does not win the luck of the draw, she says she will not be giving. up.

"I'm just going to have to try again or wait until the Lord sends another blessing," Arnold said.