Boat with college rowing team capsizes

CALIFORNIA, OH (FOX19) - A row boat containing nine members of the University of Cincinnati rowing team capsized on the Little Miami River Tuesday morning.

Emergency crews were called to Shelter Cove Marina around 6:30 a.m. for a report of a capsized boat with several people in the water.

Two coaches who were in motorized boats on either side of the racing shell also fell into the water.

"The initial report came around 6:30 this morning, and it was (that) we had a boat capsized with nine people in the water, when we got here the reports started confirming that four (people) were holding on to a log in the water and four were on shore and there where two coaches that we couldn't account for...we later found them in another row boat," said Cincinnati District Fire Chief Keith Burkert.

All nine team members and the two coaches were taken to the hospital for possible hypothermia, but are expected to be OK.

"They were all in good shape, for that kind of cold water out there and of course the debris in the water too but they are doing really well, really well," said Burkert.

"Everybody is getting warm and doing well," a post on the team's Facebook page said.

Crews are still working to recover the boats from the water. Burkert said it's unclear what caused the boats to overturn.

The UC rowing team often holds morning training exercises on the Little Miami River. There were 36 members out on the water at the time of the incident.

Shelter Cove Marina is in the 5000 block of Kellogg Avenue, near where the Little Miami River meets the Ohio River.

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