Lakota Board President: No vote on budget cuts at next meeting

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Last week the Lakota School Board tabled a vote on the district's budget reduction plan.

The plan cuts more than $12 million from next year's budget; including $7.5 million in staffing, $1 million from athletics and nearly $900,000 from the district's administration.

Last week many Lakota parents were surprised and disappointed when the school board decided to table their vote.

"What's the delay, what are they looking for," said Jennifer Rice, parent.

The board voted yes to the first part of the plan to cut $2.8 million from the district's transportation budget. Many parents say they have been left in the dark to why the board is "delaying the inevitable."

"I know they need to make decisions about classes next year, I'm not sure how many classes my son is going to be able to take, what his elective choices will be," said Rice.  "I don't know about my daughter being in sports or jazz band, so we need to have some decisions."

Board President Joan Powell said the board wants to discuss several things before they vote, but would not elaborate on what those things are. She said she hopes to have more answers for parents at the April 11th board meeting, but doesn't anticipate the board voting.

"I think the school board needs to be a little more transparent," said Tricia Huber, parent.  "I think if they would start opening up to the public and letting them really know what's going on and why are thy putting it off, the public might be more trusting of them."

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