Opening Day baby shares many coincidences with the Reds

Reds fans are excited about the team's chances this year. They're off to a great start. Opening weekend was a big hit as the team swept Milwaukee.

The excitement got to be a bit too much for one tri-state family, who welcomed a new addition, just as the Reds were winning their game on Opening Day.

And there are lots of coincidences around baby's birth, starting with the same last name, Hernandez, although no relation to the catcher Ramon Hernandez.

So, whether you're superstitious or believe in numerology or fate, baby Brayden Hernandez has a lot of good things going for him only five days out of the womb.

Baby Brayden Hernandez had no idea what kind of excitement surrounded his birth, March 31, on the Reds Opening Day and that walk-off three run shot by Hernandez.

Here's what mom Katie was enduring.

"We watched (the gam) while I pushed him out," laughed new mom Katie Hopewell.

"She was pushing," laughed proud Grandma and Katie's mom, Karen Kruthaup, who was supposed to be at the Reds game

"This year I got invited to go and said nope, can't, having a grandbaby," she said beaming at the new baby boy.

Between the TV and Katie's ever-increasing contractions, it was wild.

"The doctor was there, she said, wait a minute. Stop! I gotta get my gloves on," Kruthaup said. "That baby was ready to come out."

They almost needed Ramon Hernandez and his golden glove.

"Yes, unbelievable!" joked Reds Catcher Ramon Hernandez. "It won't be my son I guess!"

We told number 55 about some of the amazing coincidences the Reds share with Brayden's birth.

"Brayden weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces," Kruthaup said. "The score of the game was 7 to 6 Reds."

"Hernandez hit the game-winning home run," she went on. "Our little baby's Hernandez."

"The girlfriends I would have gone to the game with, sat in section 432 and he was born at 4:32, so he's a Reds fan," she gushed.

Brayden cried out loud several times. We figure that was his early way of yelling, "Let's Go Reds!" in baby-speak.

"Not even 24 hours," said Grandma Anna Hernandez, who got in from Texas just in time.

"He's a perfect angel!," she said, doting on him and beaming with pride.

Her son Chris, the baby's father, called her and simply said, "he's here."

"Congratulations for the person that give that birth they gave to that child," Ramon Hernandez said. "It's a wonderful thing to have a baby, I have three."

"We saw the replay," Kruthaup said. "So I'm assuming he hit that probably about the same time he hit her, so a home run all-around, yes, absolutely."

"I think God wanted it like that and you don't know, maybe that little baby's gonna be Minor League player one day," Hernandez said hopefully.

And as her girlfriends told Kruthaup, the baby was destined for greatness.

"This is meant to be," she laughed. "He's gonna be a baseball player!"

Baby Brayden was actually due April 4.

The grandmothers did not get to go to the game Tuesday night. They were home babysitting Brayden and his 17-month-old, older brother Isaiah.

Who knows, maybe both boys will join the Big Red Machine someday. That dream came true for Pete Rose, Barry Larkin and a handful of other hometown boys.

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