Preliminary hearing held for suspect in bank robbery, chase

The man accused of robbing a bank, then leading police on a chase that shut down Interstate 75 last week appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

The judge found probable cause to send Jackie Jackson Jr.'s case to the grand jury. His bond also remains at $1 million.

During the hearing, a PNC bank employee testified about what happened during the robbery.

"The gun was already out before he entered the branch, I kind of already knew what was going to happen, it was kind of surreal," said Michael Bollin, an employee at the West Chester PNC.  "He turned around, approached us with the gun exposed and, pointed it at us, told us to put our hand up, get close to the teller line as well in plain view of him turn our backs to the wall, which we did, at that point he went from teller to teller, asking them to fill the back with 100's and 50's."

Investigators say Jackson used a pellet gun to rob the bank.

Bollin told the court he couldn't identify if the suspect was in fact Jackson because he was completely covered in black clothes and a black mask, but West Chester Detective James Thomas said Jackson confessed to the crime on tape when he was questioned.

"He said he was not trying to hurt anybody, that he wasn't trying to hurt anybody, but that he just wanted to get his point across, and he wanted the money, I asked if he thought the bank employees thought that was a real gun that he was pointing at them and he said, 'yes.'"

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