Lebanon council considers sex offender ordinance

According to the Warren County Sheriff's office sex offender registry there are currently about 39 registered sex offenders living freely in Warren County.

"It's a wide concern for many and they're spread throughout the entire city," said Lebanon City Council member Matthew Rodriguez.

The number of registered sex offenders is part of the reason Rodriguez says council is considering an ordinance that would take state laws a step further, not only prohibiting sex offenders from living with 1000 feet of schools, but also limiting where they can hang out.

"Limit sex offenders within 300 feet of the permitted area, of public parks, public schools, churches," Rodriguez said.
Sex offenders who disobey the law could face a $500 fine or six weeks in jail, the goal is to create a 300 ft buffer zone to protect children where they would normally hang out and play.

"This aids in a tool for the police department, provided if there is a sexual predator, to place a very stern warning, or if there is sufficient evidence to proceed further," Rodriguez said.

Council is expected to vote on the measure at next week's city council meeting.

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