Exotic dancer who ran over client gets maximum sentence

Kristina Hensley (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)
Kristina Hensley (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)
The exotic dancer who fatally ran over a client has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Kristina Hensley pleaded guilty in February to first degree manslaughter in the death of Jae Cho, 31.

Hensley was called to Cho's Monroe home in August for a private dance. She says Cho touched her inappropriately, so she left in a hurry, and ran over Cho with her SUV. He was dragged under the SUV for almost two miles before Hensley stopped at a gas station and realized what happened.

 "I couldn't ever put into words how very sorry I am for the loss of your son and brother," said Hensley as she read a letter to Cho's family in court.
Before sentencing,  Hensley told the judge she had no intent to kill Cho the night she was at his home.
"Please know that I never had any intentions whatsoever, for your son and brother to get hurt," Hensley said in court.
Hensley's family packed the courtroom, as did Jae Cho's family and friends, including his younger brother.
"My brother went through a mile and a half of the most horrific pain that I can't even imagine, If I could take even a portion of that pain I would take it right now," said Jun Cho, the victim's brother.
He gave a heartfelt plea to the judge asking for the maximum sentence for Hensley and then addressed Hensley directly.
"You hit my brother, there is a giant hole in my heart, and in my life, because of your actions that night, and I replay in my mind over and over and over, why didn't she stop, why didn't you stop?" Cho asked Hensley in court.

The 10 year sentence was the maximum sentence and her drivers license has been suspended for three years following her prison sentence.

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