Reds fans rally over a winning start to the season

Many Cincinnati Reds fans walking through Great American Ball Park never expected such a red hot start for the Reds season but say it is a welcomed change.

It's the sounds and the excitement of Reds baseball that keeps fans coming back for more so early in the season.

"Perfect timing though, we just returned from a year long deployment in Afghanistan and it's great to come home to have the hometown team starting off pretty good in the season," says Kenneth King.

King and his unit of military police officers are spending their much needed rest and relaxation at the ball park soaking in the sun.

And whether you are a family of fans, a life long fan or a fan in training, the Reds winning record so far is something to talk about.

Seven-year-old Delhi native Kennedy Daigle likes to dress up as Super Red. With the help of his mom, Tiffany, Super Red has red hair, with a painted on red eye mask and a red C painted on his chest. He even carries a broom in hopes of a Reds sweep.

"I just really got into them because of my mom, she likes the Reds a lot too," says Kennedy.

"Probably one of the coolest things a mom and a son can ever have...we talk about it all the time, we watch games at home when we're not here and it's something that we share together on a daily basis," says Tiffany Daigle.

The Cincinnati Reds say for Thursday's 12:35 game, 6,000 people bought walk up tickets, a strong number on top of already purchased season tickets and advanced ticket sales.