Kenton County businesses prepare for smoking ban

Kenton County's county-wide smoking ban will go into effect for Kenton County on April 15. Restaurants, bars and other public buildings will be affected.

All businesses in the county will have to post no smoking signs at all entrances, remove all ash trays, and educate their employees about the law so they can enforce it.

The Kenton County Health Department has helped by distributing tool-kits, posting sample signs and reminder cards on their website.

There will be consequences for businesses who don't comply with the new law.

"Well, as the ordinance says, the first time we find a violation, the owner will receive a warning," Dr. Lynne Saddler, Northern Kentucky Health Department, "But along with that warning we will also provide the education to help them understand what's wrong and what they have to do to fix the non-compliance with the ordinance."

More than 5,500 businesses in Kenton County will be affected by the law.

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