Local Japanese Americans raise money for disaster relief

Mika Wolfford and her friend Yuko Scott are both Japanese transplants to Cincinnati. They can't help but feel upset about Thursday mornings latest earthquake and are worried about family dealing with massive devastation in Japan.

"This terrible disaster really helped me be aware and realize who I am and that I have a strong goal or really, an urge to do the charity, and I want to help, really, genuinely," says Wolfford.

One way both are helping raise money for disaster relief is though the Sakura Ladies Chorus, which is planning a program of Japanese music in Blue Ash on Sunday. In fact, the two met Thursday to discuss the concert. The chorus will have it's next rehearsal for the program on Friday.

For both ladies, the performance is personal, even though each knows their immediate family is safe in Japan.

"It's very very very tough. And they have already gone through so many things in their lives. In less than one month, they have lost their family, they have lost their house, and their business, everything," says Scott.

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