It's easier than ever to be 'unfriended' on Facebook

(CNN) - We all have that one friend on our Facebook list. She posts every detail of her work day. His status updates amount to dozens of political rants each day. But legions of Facebook users now have an easier way to boot those offenders.

iPhone users are used to having all kinds of powers at their fingertips, but until recently there was one thing missing - the power to "unfriend," - removing a Facebook connection from your social life.

Now, with the latest update to facebook's iPhone app, people can make those cuts instantly and on-the-go.

Apparently people are fans of unfriending. Thousands of people have given the update a thumbs up on the app's Facebook page.

A recent survey from Daily Eeals site Eversave asked women their top pet peeves among their Facebook friends, things that might lay the groundwork for some unfriending.

The top nuisances included:

  1. Too much complaining, too many negative status updates about life and work.
  2. Sharing unsolicited political views
  3. Bragging about your new car, your big house, or that fabulous vacation you're about to embark upon, and the rest of your seemingly perfect life.
  4. Posting too much, too often, packing a friend's news feed with your every move.

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