High school students learn the dangers of texting while driving

VILLA HILLS, Kentucky (FOX 19) - High school students at Villa Madonna Academy are getting a hands-on lesson on the dangers of texting while driving.

A ban on texting for all drivers when into effect at the beginning of the year in Kentucky to reduce the number of accidents caused by people on their cell phones.

16-year-old Clay Jackson is a sophomore at Villa Madonna and a new driver with his license permit. Jackson says he loves the freedom and fun of driving but because of his age his mom is always in the passenger side beside him.

Jackson says he never and will never text and drive based on what he has learned from his family and seminars.

"Driving takes a lot of attention to be able to look at everything and assess everything and if you take something away you're adding more to be able to crash," says Jackson.

Thanks to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety Jackson was able to simulate driving at 50 miles per hour while texting and discovered how dangerous it can be. In the simulator Jackson hit a car turning into his lane from the right.

"It's kind of like panicky because I saw it right then and I had my phone out and I didn't see it until I was right up to it," says Jackson.

Matt McCoy travels with the simulator to high schools, colleges and businesses around the state. He says almost everyone fails as people continue to text and drive even after the state passed the ban this year.

"It just takes that one opportunity that one moment for them to make the wrong decision that something bad really happens," says McCoy.

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