Cincinnati Bell announces new 911 emergency communication platform

Cincinnati Bell has announced the immediate availability of its Next Generation 911 emergency communication platform (NG911).

NG911 enables all emergency 911 dispatch centers in the Cincinnati Bell telephone operating area the opportunity to upgrade to a hosted NG911 solution. Cincinnati Bell's Internet protocol-based network will allow 911 calls to be transferred seamlessly between emergency call centers within the system and position the dispatch centers to take advantage of the emerging technologies that incorporate today's social media, voice, video and texting.

Cincinnati Bell's goal is to provide the most advanced and reliable technology so that the 911 call centers may focus their energies on efficiently handling and dispatching emergency service requests.

In 2009, Cincinnati Bell partnered with microDATA and Aculab to deploy an NG911 proof of concept. The success of that concept has led to the installation of NG911 in seven 911 dispatch centers in this area.

Cincinnati Bell's system was designed with the capacity to safely support all dispatch centers in Cincinnati Bell's operating area. This system can be partitioned to provide for the individual demands of any emergency call center while providing connectivity across the area to communicate with other centers.

The NG911 solution does not require the expensive purchase and installation costs normally associated with a new system deployment. In addition, the monthly rate for maintaining the system is generally about the same as the amount an emergency call center is currently paying for its existing legacy system.

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