Airline Quality Rating reveals 'meanest' airlines

(FOX19) - The 2011 Airline Quality Rating, released earlier this month, along with U.S. News and World Report has ranked the "meanest" airlines.

Topping the list for the meanest major carrier was United, with an AQR score of -1.31. The meanest regional carrier was American Eagle, with an AQR score of -2.82. American Eagle had the most incidents of mishandled baggage and the highest involuntary denied boardings rate. American Eagle was also named most likely to mishandle your bag and most likely to bump you.

Delta was most complained about airline, with 2.0 complaints per every 100,000 passengers. They also placed fifth among major airlines on the Meanest Airlines list.

Delta, US Airways and Continental were all ranked most likely to overcharge for bags, charging $25 for a first bag and $35 for a second.

Regional carrier Comair, headquartered in Erlanger, was ranked most likely to be late, with 73.1 percent of flights landing on time.

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