5-year-old honored for calling 911 to get help for mother

5-year-old Seth Pabist calls 911 to get medical attention for his mother.
5-year-old Seth Pabist calls 911 to get medical attention for his mother.
Seth Pabist, Jessica Cutlip (mother), Dispatcher Erica Scott
Seth Pabist, Jessica Cutlip (mother), Dispatcher Erica Scott

The call came into 911 Dispatch on April 5 around 3:45 p.m. Fairfield dispatcher Erica Scott got the call from 5-year-old Seth Pabist who said his mother had "passed out."

When paramedics and police officers arrived at the scene, they found Seth's mother, Jessica Cutlip, had suffered from a seizure and was bleeding from the mouth. She was disoriented and unable to answer basic questions. She was taken to Bethesda North Hospital for treatment.

The emergency officials involved in this call were impressed with the quick thinking and bravery and calmness of Seth.

A ceremony for Seth was held Monday night, to recognize his actions that saved his mother's life.

"I truly believe it, because if he hadn't been there and I was there by myself, who knows if I would have woken up," said Cutlip.

For his brave act, Seth received a Fairfield Fire Department shoulder patch, a police badge and a fire helmet, making him an honorary member of the Fairfield Fire Department.

Seth was also given a plaque from Fairfield Mayor Ron D'Epifanio.

So how did the youngster know what to do?

"My step mom and I had gone over with him, call 911 and make sure you get help to mommy if you are ever home alone with mommy and she has a seizure," said Cutlip. "Because I had a seizure once prior."

Cutlip hopes other parents learn from her family's story.

"I hope parents educate their children and make sure they understand the importance of knowing to call 911 in the event of an emergency and what is truly an emergency," said Cutlip.

At the end of the ceremony, the newest and youngest member of the Fairfield Fire Department got to ride in a fire truck. Seth said he's happy to have all his new stuff but is even more happy his mom is ok.

"If other kids can be brave, then when their moms are done at the doctor they get their moms back," said Seth.

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