Local residents are worried about possible cuts in Medicaid

One local organization does more than feed thousands of local families. The Freestore Foodbank assists its clients in a lot of areas; one of them is getting government assistance for medical care. The uncertainty about the future of Medicaid has recipients concerned.

Monique Foster is a volunteer at the Foodbank, a mother and a Medicaid recipient.

"If I had to make a choice between going to the doctor and paying rent, or food or paying the utilities, those essential come first and the doctor would be last," said Foster.

With Medicaid's assistance, Monique and her daughter get the care they need.

At the Freestore Foodbank, clients like Monique get help filling out forms, learning what help they qualify for and getting enrolled in Medicaid. Budget cuts to a system that affords those clients the opportunity to seek medical care when they need it can be scary.

"They are having to choose between food or medical bills, food or electricity, something like Medicaid serves a huge purpose in our community," said Freestore Foodbank Spokesperson Anna Hogan.

A Presidential Advisor said yesterday that the President can't take a machete to the program and also said cuts will be made carefully.

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