Board passes deep cuts in Southwest Local Schools

HARRISON, OH (FOX19) - Thursday night the Southwest Local School District school board passed nearly $2.2 million in cuts. The cuts will impact the entire district.

"This is a low point for our district, " said Jeffrey Biddle, school board president.

The district will layoff 18 teachers, 24 other staff positions, which will include bus drivers and custodians. The district will also eliminate high school busing and close Hooven Elementary.

"I am worried because it is going to put more kids into the classrooms and it's going to be harder for those teachers to get around," said Kristine Barron, parent. "There is already 23, 24, 26 kids in a classroom."

District athletics will also be hurt by the cuts. The district will implement a pay to play system. Each athlete at the junior high level must pay $50 and at the high school level the cost to play is $100.

Reductions in funding by the state is the reason behind the deep cuts.

"This is a state issue," said Chris Brown, district superintendent. "We are being cut $2.4 million over the next two years. We have not mismanaged -managed the money."