Officer attacked by couple and their dog

By Cory Stark

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX10) - According to Middletown Police, officer Becki Leukhardt was attacked at Pete's Auto Sales on Cincinnati- Dayton Rd. Friday morning.

Officer Leukhardt was called to the car dealership because 32-year-old Brock Reed was trying to fight a man working at the dealership.

"The guy went over and started banging on the windows of the car lot and when the car lot owner came out, he tried to fight with the car lot owner," said Maj. Mark Hoffman, with Middletown Police. "The car lot owner managed to get back into his business."

Police say when Officer Leukhardt arrived on scene she was approached by Reed.

"The guy immediately turned and assaulted the officer, and got her to the ground and started kicking her," said Maj. Hoffman.

Reed's live-in partner Joy Seekamp was with him at the time. She had a hold of their massive dog;  Seconds later that dog became a second attacker.

"It's not often that you see a dog like that used as a weapon against a police officer," said Hoffman.

The officer was able to call for back-up, but not before suffering a laceration to her shoulder caused by a dog bite. Police say Leukhardt will be ok.

Reed is charged with assaulting a police officer, two counts of resisting arrest and harboring a vicious animal. Seekamp is charged with two counts of drug abuse and obstructing official police business.

The dog is currently in the hands of the Butler County Animal Shelter.