The Great American Cleanup hits the Tri-State

The Great American Cleanup kicked off Saturday, with millions of volunteers cleaning up areas  throughout the United States, including areas in the Tri-State.

In the Tri-State, over 70 communities came together to clean up their neighborhoods. Among them are Over-the-Rhine, Westwood, Northside, Avondale, Mt. Washington and Covington.

Groups were given cleanup supplies and sent to community parks, littered alleys and streets, and greenspace areas. Other teams installed recycling containers, weeding, and cleaned up debris from the flooding of the Ohio River.

In total, officials estimate that over 3,000 volunteers participated in Saturday's event. They collected 184,935 pounds of litter and debris, 9,075 pounds of recyclables, and 1,231 tires in just a few hours.

Mayor Mark Mallory, City Manager Milton Dohoney, and City council members all be participated in Saturday's activities.

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