Norwood firefighters warn residents of charity rip-off

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - The Norwood Fire Department is warning its residents of an organization that claims to help firefighters, but takes 90% of the money donated for itself.

The organization, called the Firefighters Charitable Foundation, has been making calls to Norwood residents asking for donations. They claim to use the donations to assist victims of fires and other disasters.

The Norwood Fire Administration inquired about this foundation and found that the foundation only uses 1-11% of its donated funds toward assisting those in need. They claim the other 90+% is used for "fund raising fees."

The Firefighters Charitable Foundation is not associated with the City of Norwood Fire Department, Norwood Firefighters Local 445 or the Norwood Firefighters Charitable Association. if you have further concerns about this organization, please call Norwood Police Department.

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