Flooding cancels class in Fairfield

The only school supplies students at Fairfield Kindergarten Center needed Tuesday were a life jacket and goggles.

HAMILTON, OH - "Its been an interesting, wet day here at the Kindergarten Center," said Fairfield Principal Kim Wotring.

With the entire street leading to the front entrance of the school nearly submerged in standing water, in addition to sections of the parking lot, teachers had to quickly change their normal routine for class dismissal.

"We altered our dismissal plan to ensure the safety of our students from the morning group," Wotring said.

Many parents and grandparents like Gerry Evans didn't know afternoon Kindergarten was canceled until they arrived to see the school almost looking as though it were floating in the middle of a pond.

"I couldn't believe it, it's all in one spot," Evans said.

High water rose to the wheel wells of cars as they tried to navigate out of the parking lot, fortunately there was no flooding inside the school, as sandbags were shipped in, and placed to prevent any water damage.

Nearby in West Chester, officers had to block off a section of Union Center Blvd. near West Chester Road, as high water spilled from the grass and unto the street.

"I've been around here about 10, 11, 12 years and I've never seen it like that," Evans said.

Early Kindergarten registration at the Fairfield Kindergarten Center, which was scheduled from 5:00pm to 8:00pm was also canceled for Tuesday tonight. As of Tuesday night, administrators still expect Kindergarten to be in session on Wednesday.

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