Flooding causes voluntary evacuation in Oxford Township

OXFORD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Tuesday afternoon, the Butler County Emergency Management office sent out a reverse 911 call to more than 100 Oxford Township residents, warning them the Bonham bridge was eroding.

That bridge is now closed, not because of the eroding issues, but because the road leading up to the bridge is now flooded.

Emergency crews have issued a voluntary evacuation for dozens of homes in the area because those residents are trapped between the flooded road and incomplete culvert work.

"What complicates things this time, is the fact they are doing culvert work and they've had to close the road on the way that we would normally get out on the other side," said one resident.

To make matters worse, emergency officials say the additional rainfall expected overnight Wednesday could create more problems.

"We don't see our greatest potential for flooding until a day or two later because there is a lot of rain falling to the north of us and it has to flow south through the Great Miami and some of the other side creek," said Jeff Galloway, Butler County Emergency Management director. "We may not see our highest flood levels for another 24 to 48 hours."

Bonham Rd. behind Yager Stadium in Oxford is still closed as of Tuesday night.