Seven remaining finalists to perform on American Idol Wednesday

Prepping to sing songs from the 21st Century, the remaining top seven Idol finalists have their work cut out for them, learning lifelong lessons every week, while also trying to keep fans voting for them.

Most big name performers will tell you being nervous before going on stage is good and when you perform in front of a studio audience of more than 700 screaming fans and millions more at home, pre-show jitters are expected.

"You always get a little tingling before you hit the stage but it's not like you are so nervous, it's just that I'm going to go out there and do everything I can to express myself," said Stefano Langone.

"Usually before I go out on stage I try not to think about anything that's going to happen on stage and kind of feel it out and make sure it's fresh on stage," said Casey Abrams.

"I can be a big chatter box but I like to head out of the green room and take a couple of moments to get into my zen spot I guess," said Katie Reinhart.

As you might expect, some have a few quirky rituals before hitting the stage.

"Pre show rituals, I meditate, I eat a lot of carrots, so I can see who I'm singing to," said James Durbin.

"I like to go to sleep, before I go on stage, it's kind of backwards, I like to sleep wake up and hit the stage," said Jacob Lusk.

"I was doing a really early studio session, my voice wasn't warmed up so I was trying to find something to eat to get my vocal cords flowing and I ate carrots and it turned out to be one of the best session ever," said Durbin.

If you watch Idol every week, the songs may change, but their signature moves will have a tendency to resurface each time out.

"Oh I have this one as well, I have a point and a hand flourish and this is one too," said Lusk.

"We'll a lot of people say I bend over or squat down and do a lot of this or that, I don't really think about it just comes out," said Reinhart.

"I have been told I have a look but I can't do one on command but I've been told I have a stage look," said Lusk.

American Idol can be seen on FOX19 at 8 p.m. EDT.