Neighbors on Frogtown Road clean up Mother Nature's mess

WALTON, KY (FOX19) - Wednesday the sounds of saws and hammers rang out along Frogtown Road in Boone County as neighbors worked to clean up after Mother Nature's mess.

"I was trying to stay calm for [my children], especially my four year old," Laura Redmon said. "She was just shaking and shivering."

Redmon says immediately after hearing the warning, she raced to get her four kids downstairs.

"It was just really, really loud," Redmon recalled. "Wind howling like I've never heard before. And it was so quick by the time we were going to our shelter spot it was over."

"We were downstairs and heard this sound and it was just really fast," her daughter Taryn Sutton agreed.

Redmon says she is still in shock.

"We waited for a little bit but then as we started coming upstairs it started to sink in that we had some serious damage going on here," Redmon said.

Outside the lawn was littered with downed trees and downed power lines.

"The sound was so fast I didn't think it could take down this much stuff," Taryn said.

Redmon said it looked like the trees toppled like dominos all around the yard, sparing the house.

"Other than the chimney but that's Ok, it's still standing!" Redmon emphasized.

"I really think my grandma was watching out for us for that because not one thing hit the house besides the chimney, that's the only thing that got messed up," Taryan said.

Down the road Baeten's Nursery dodged a bullet as well.

"We're a week and a half away from our busiest time of the year," Todd Baeten said.
Besides some damage to a barn, the nursery was nearly untouched. A slight turn in the wind's path and Baeten says the nursery could have taken a devastating hit.

"It just missed us in a big way," Baeten said. "I'd be like taking the roof off a Kohls or a Macys right before Christmas Day."

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