City manager and investors praise downtown redevelopment

It's another grand opening for what city leaders hope will be a happy ending spot for business along restaurant row.

Trattoria Roma celebrated 21 years in business at its new location on Sixth St. between Main and Walnut.

The owner of Trattoria Roma, Sal Aracri says the row is a better location and better for business, exactly what the city and investors want to hear.

"Each time a new place opens, each time a new place expands that adds more jobs and it expands the tax base," says Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr.

Restaurant row is just one of several investments the city is betting on to turn a profit and attract more people to downtown.

The Banks, Great American Tower and the Horseshoe Casino are all major construction projects at a time when the city is crawling out of a recession.

"Everywhere downtown you see momentum," says David Ginsburg, President of Downtown Cincinnati Inc.

City leaders say the key to growing during tough economic times is working with the private sector not against it.

"The private investors don't have all the money and the city doesn't have all the money...find institutions that are willing to lend even during these times is what is has taken to get these things done," says Dohoney Jr.

Investors like the Brandt Retail Group, who are leasing the spaces along restaurant row, agree.

"Ultimately no city can save its way out of problems. To have a strong future we also have to concentrate on growth, so we have to be doing both," says Kathleen Norris of the Brandt Retail Group.

Norris says these current investments are making the city stronger which will help prevent financial problems in the future.

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