Flooding threatens Cirque Du Soleil opening night

An unwelcome guest took over most of the parking lot at Coney Island Thursday night. Flooding from days of heavy rain and an unusual Spring threatened the opening night of Cirque Du Soleil's OVO.

"I guess having it this early in season and on Coney Island property, that's always a gamble," said Linda Martin, who was surprised to see half the parking lot taken by the flood.

Thursday afternoon, crews worked hard to clear the water around the tents set up for the show. They even worked right up to minutes before the opening act.

Part of Kellogg Avenue was also closed to traffic.

"When you're driving up and you see the road closed, you wonder, what that's all about," said Mike Salsbury. His group had driven all the way from Dayton, OH to see the show.

"I hear we're supposed to get another five inches this weekend. So, I'm glad they didn't cancel the show because we'd have made a drive for nothing," said Salsbury.

The show opened on time at 8 PM.

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