Cincinnati Mayor Mallory delivers 6th State Of The City address

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory gave his State of the City address Thursday night. This was Mallory's 6th State of the City address.

The mayor said despite the tough economic times here and across the country, Cincinnati will persevere.

He introduced a series of slickly-produced videos, showing what's already great about Cincinnati and what great things are just around the corner.

"Please put your hands together and welcome Mayor Mark Mallory," said Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, as she introduced Mayor Mallory inside the Duke Energy Center.

The address was part music video, part speech. Mayor Mallory's 8-page address took about an hour to deliver.

"In these economic times," Mallory said. "That's when you put money into things that you know are going to grow your economy."

He cheerleaded all that's already great about the Queen City.

"46 million dollars is going to upgrade our historic Washington Park. It sits in front of Music Hall," Mallory said.

He also touted what's in the works right now to make life better.

"A hundred years ago this was a self-sustaining community," said a woman's voice in a music video showcasing South Fairmount.

There is a major sewer project and changes coming to older neighborhoods like South Fairmount, the Mayor said, will help turn those distressed communities around.

"In these economic times we need to be bold, when others are scared," Mallory said. "That's how you prosper and that's exactly how the City of Cincinnati has grown over the years."

He pointed out the Carew Tower and it's new neighbor, the Great American Tower, both are big projects which were tackled in tough economic times.

"Because we must persevere through hard times," he said.

He pointed-out historic change in Over-The-Rhine and new development like The Banks.

"And everybody told me The Banks is a dead deal," Mallory said. "It's not gonna happen, just leave it alone."

But he didn't leave it alone and today, has businesses and tenants moving-in. Besides creating jobs and getting new business here, the Mayor said his number one priority is keeping you safe.

"Chief, I just want to thank you for the 40-plus years," Mallory said, as he thanked Retired Police Chief Tom Streicher and applauded both Police and Fire Departments for all they do.

"Nothing great is done without difficulty, like the streetcar," Mallory said.

The 128-million dollar streetcar is designed to link downtown attractions to Over-The-Rhine and the Uptown University District.

"The streetcar project is going to bring jobs," Mallory said. "It's going to bring development to the City and that's why my administration will continue to pursue this project and yes we will do it in the face of opposition."

This drew applause from the audience, but not from City Council member Amy Murray, who delivered the GOP response.

"We have a long way to go," Murray said.

In part of the GOP's response, Murray said balancing a budget needs to be a top priority.

"Even in these economic times, we cannot afford this streetcar," Murray said.

In closing, the Mayor challenged all citizens to pick something they are passionate about in the City and try to make it better, for future generations to enjoy.

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