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NKU students promote peace and acceptance at funeral for Ft. Thomas soldier

Nearly 60 Northern Kentucky University students practiced a silent demonstration at the funeral of Ft. Thomas native, Private Brandon Pickering.

The Westboro Baptist Church normally protests at military funerals because they believe that military deaths serve as God's judgment on a county which accepts and endorse homosexuality and abortions.

This message was one that NKU student Dustin Robinson didn't want Brandon Pickering's family to have to see or hear.

"We wanted to kind of drown out their message and our goal had they been here was essentially to hold these signs up and just block out their signs," said Dustin Robinson, NKU Junior.

Although the Westboro Baptist Church did not make an appearance at the funeral, students still stayed out to show their support, only their message was of acceptance and peace.

"It's scary to think that this could be one of my personal friends but at the same time it's just so honorable that somebody is able to come in and be who they are and give their life for our country," said Joey Cunningham, NKU Junior.

Pickering will rest at Alexandria Cemetery.

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