Voluntary evacuations issued in Kenton County mobile home

VILLA HILLS, Kentucky (FOX 19) - Mobile home owner Bonnie Steele is keeping an eye on the creek level just feet away from her trailer in Villa Hills.

"I'm afraid it's going to come back up high again and we're going to have to evacuate," says Steele.

Steele and her family decided to stay after Villa Hills Police and firefighters asked everyone to evacuate due to high waters.

"We didn't want to leave our stuff in the house behind but if we had to, we was going to," says Steele.

This is the first time Mike Hutchinson has seen flooding like this in the Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park which is why he is listening to the evacuation orders.

"Didn't want to take the chance with the kids and maybe the trailer receding into the water," says Hutchinson who is spending the night with his mother in Florence.

But like Steele, some residents are staying put. Woody, as many people call him, has lived in Pleasant Valley for more than 35 years and says he refuses to leave his property.

"This has been going on ever since I've been over here. It floods out once a year, you get a big storm and you clean it up and you go on about your business," says Woody.

Business that could keep Woody cleaning up for many days to come.

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