CPS ponders cutting 208 positions for the coming school year

A long meeting on Monday night at the CPS administration building ended with the superintendent proposing that 208 positions be cut for the upcoming school year.

Those cuts are in response to an expected budget deficit. Superintendent Mary Ronan made the proposal at the end of a meeting that also saw school board members discuss the Student Activity Foundation and changes to the way magnet school enrollment is done.

"We knew we had to downsize, there's lots of turnovers, there's terminations, there's resignations, they're retirements and we have just not been filling anything for the past year because we knew this funding cliff was really coming," said Ronan.

Specifics about the 208 cuts were not given out at the meeting, which lasted more than three hours. In addition to the cuts, two high school programs--the Western Hills engineering and Withrow International were also proposed to be relocate to other schools, resulting in lower staffing.

School board members tell FOX19 more information about the specifics of the cuts should come out in the next school board meeting.

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