Several river towns impacted by high water

CALIFORNIA, OH (FOX19) - Many people couldn't resist getting a first hand look at the high water at Coney Island Amusement Park. The park's entrance is completely underwater.

"It is really weird to see this much water in Coney," said Megan Combs.

The high water is causing problems for many home and business owners in California.

"We've had to move a couple parties to our clubhouse and it impacts people wanting to see the boat and charter the boat," said Edward Mayfield, owner of Sensational Yacht Charters.

Mayfield must now take a short boat ride to get off and on his dock. He says the water has covered up his 200 space parking lot and moved his boat 100 feet inland.

"It hasn't been this bad in a few years, up this high," said Mayfield.  "But when it gets up this high it causes some concerns."

Dozens of homes in the town have also been impacted. Water has completely taken over the back yards of several houses. The threat of rising waters has many residents concerned.

"I keep a close eye on it, I am not used to living by the river," said Kathy Sydebotham, California resident.

Many people are anxious for the waters to go down.

"If it goes down before May 1st, that'll be great," said Mayfield.  "Even if it just gets off the parking lot and gets down to 40 ft. or 45 ft., we'll be good."

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