Police put policy in place to save money at the gas pump

MONROE, OH (FOX19) - The Monroe Police Department is saving money at the gas pump by implementing its "15 minutes of down-time" policy.

"They spend 15 minutes, parked at a busy intersection," said Chief Gregory Homer. "Just park the car turn it off, sit and watch the traffic, or catch up on some paperwork in your car."

The police department started the policy four years ago, and since then has saved thousand of dollars in fuel cost. Now with gas prices at nearly $4 per gallon, Homer says the policy is being more heavily enforced.

"It's easier to remind them, look if that is your [car] multiply that by 14, and that is what we have," said Homer.

The Monroe Police Department has 14 cars in its fleet, and there are usually between four and six units on patrol at one time.

"We only average 10-12 miles per gallon," said Homer. "So do the math it's a lot of money in a year."

The officers like the policy.

"Even though we are sitting still, and monitoring traffic, we are still being productive," said Officer Mike Rosenbalm.