Residents living on the Ohio River continue to battle flood waters

Some residents living along the Ohio River continue to battle high waters and the ongoing threat of flooding.

"Some years it doesn't come up, which we're grateful for," Sarah Wardlow said of the Ohio River that sits in her backyard. "Some years it comes up and we deal with it, [then] it goes back down."

Sarah Wardlow has been living in her family's riverside home all her life and says no amount of flooding could make her move. Currently, however, the river is lapping up on their back steps and flooding the shed, leaving the family anxious for the water to go back down. The family's driveway has been turned into a storage area for all of the furniture from the basement.

"This would be my uncle and my Aunt's stuff," Wardlow said looking over the mountainous tarp-covered piles. She says her aunt and uncle have been forced to live upstairs with the rest of the family for the time being. With little left on the walls but a picture and some window hangings, it will take some time before the basement is drained out and dried out.

"My uncle takes the hose, washes it down and all that stuff," Wardlow said. "[He] lets it dry a little bit and then starts moving stuff back in."

She says it is all a part of life on the river, and thankfully floods like the one they are dealing with now are rare. Even still, she says she has seen the river climb even higher in the past.

"'97 was the worst," Wardlow recalled. "It covered more or less all of my house."

This time she is hoping the river has hit its highest mark and it is all back to the banks.

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