Threat of more severe weather unnerves those hit hard by recent twister

VISALIA, KY (FOX19) - With a major break from the rain still days away, local emergency crews and homeowners are on alert-- especially those in areas already hit hard by all of the recent rain.

Emergency officials have confirmed that one tornado touched down in Kenton County on Saturday. High winds ripped off part of a roof of a home in Visalia. The family living inside is praying there isn't a second one this week.

Lon Marshall surveyed the damage to his property off Decoursey Pike on Tuesday. Along with the damage to his roof, most of his trees were also uprooted.

"We're worried about high winds," Marshall said. "We're very concerned about water damage also. Yes. It's been a tough situation."

A tough situation that Marshall and his wife are worried will only become worse later this week. Still, he said that moving is not an option.

Director of Kenton County Emergency Management Steve Hensley said that's exactly why he is keeping a close eye on the forecast models. Unfortunately, his small crew is already busy.

"We actually had people who were surrounded by water and trapped in their homes, and so we deployed with some of the rescue teams to visit with those folks and see what we can do, if anything, to assist them," said Hensley.

"We're able to go on," said Marshall. "It's just the aggravation.

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