Loveland family may be allowed to keep miniature goats as pets

LOVELAND, OH (FOX19) - A Loveland family that has been fighting to keep their two miniature goats as pets may be allowed to keep them.

At a meeting Tuesday night of the Loveland City Council, the city manager read an ordinance that reverses the current city law forbidding having the goats as pets.

The ordinance states that as long as there are only 2 goats that weigh no more than 60 pounds, they should be able to stay. The goats must be in a fenced area at least five feet high and can not be raised for sale.

In October 2010, the McGee family was told by the City of Loveland that the two pygmy goats they owned were in violation of a city ordinance. The city received an anonymous complain about having farm animals in a residential area.

No word on when the ordinance will be voted on.

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