Fairfield School Board to consider making up missed days

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email 
FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) -- School buses are still splashing through water to pick up students at Fairfield Kindergarten Center Thursday.
"We are hoping that it continues to improve so that we can get back to business as usual as soon as possible," said Principal Kim Wotring.
But with two missed days of school for morning kindergartners and four missed days for afternoon, by law, the days must be made up. The Fairfield School Board is considering two option, one that would extend the school day for 30 minutes in May; the other option would have students make up the days at the end of the school year.
Parents like Curtis Ross favor the first option  which would  extend the school day.
"Keep them in school longer, you have a half an hour to get things finished, you've got time to go to the bus stop and get them to the bus stop, it's more convenient, I would say so," Ross said.
The extended school days are less of an inconvenience for parents who may have already scheduled summer camps or vacations.
"I would much rather have the school day lengthened, because people have already made summer plans, and at this point we thought we were safe from the snow, and other weather issues, so it seems like it would be easier to go ahead with plans as usual," said parent Erin Kingrey. 
On the other hand some parents and grandparents say kindergartners can't concentrate for another 30 minutes and they'd prefer the second option, where students would make up the days at the end of the year.
"It's preferable for the kids to stay shorter days in school rather than longer, because they will be tired, tired of listening to the teachers," said Fairfield grandparent Delia Wong.
Administrators also say the Fairfield Public Works Department is looking into installing a flapper gate for the pipes, which would stop water from overflowing from the sewers.
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