College student lives through Tuscaloosa tornado

Amanda Crowe (Source: Facebook)
Amanda Crowe (Source: Facebook)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (FOX19) - Cincinnati native and University of Alabama student Amanda Crowe has as story she'll never forget. She huddled in a basement as Wednesday's devastating tornado rolled right over her sorority house.

"Our campus is never going to be the same, I am never going to look at it the same," she says. "We've been without power, no water, no nothing. It's crazy. We've been getting text messages saying that people without homes can go to our rec center."

FOX19 spoke to Crowe just as she arrived in Atlanta. She plans to return home to Cincinnati next week. She says classes are canceled for the rest of the semester at the University of Alabama.

"When we went upstairs after we knew it was ok, it was just an eerie feeling. Everybody was silent, walking around, there were trees everywhere," says Crowe. "There was a car flipped upside down, the houses were just flat and there were train cars flipped upside down by the highway. That's when it  kind of hit me, what had really happened."

Crowe says she's glad to be alive.

"I just know so many people that lost their lives and are homeless right now and its just a big thing. I am not use to dealing with this stuff," she says.

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