State House budget proposal impacting casinos receives mixed reaction

As talks began in the State House Friday about a budget proposal that included a change in the taxation of casinos, people living and working near the casino site in Cincinnati weighed in.

"It's right beyond this tree right now in this hole," Edward Lanier said, pointing down the hill towards the casino construction.

Spring leaves have slowly pulled the curtain over Lahniers view of the site from his home in Mount Adams. He says he is in favor of the project even thou he is not a gambling man.

"I lost my shirt at gambling 15 years ago so I don't gamble," Lahnier said. "But I don't mind gambling parlors."

He is not happy with the latest budget amendment that could prolong negotiations, either.

"It would seem to be somewhat unfair given it was voted in under a certain structure," Lahnier said. "They're just playing with the timetable now I think and seeing who's going to back off first."

He says he is ready to see the casino built.  "At night I'm looking forward to looking at the lights," he shared.

Not everyone sees a bright future in the casino, however.

"It kind of numbers the days for this business I would say," shared Larry Vallandingham, a pressman at Broadway Printing. The printing shop where he works sits right across the street from the casino site.

"Good possibility it might be something else or gone all together," he said.

Vallandingham recognizes that the casino will likely bring revitalization that could push the print shop off the block.

"Better or worse I guess it's good for the city," Vallandingham said. He believes, however, that representatives are doing the right thing by revisiting the casino issue even if it delays construction.

"Haste makes waste too," Vallandingahm said.  "And you've got to be sure what you're going to do."

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